New School of World Technologies

N.S.W.T. is A school for academics & Athletics
 Partners with the U.A.B.A,LLC and Atlanta Sports Connection,LLC

it all started with a meeting with my college buddy to move forward with helping people in need. as he was transferring college to create one of the 1st prosthetics for running. Several years later we reconnected to start a track team and a basketball team for amputees.  TodAY WE ARE BOTH CONTINUING TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

Eldridge Askins

Founder and CEO

Amputee/ Autism /Spinal Injury Team

Atlanta Dream Event at Philips Arena 2016 Titanium Cup Pics


Daryl double ak runner with (ABR) and bb player in our 1st game ever!! Daryl also makes prosthetics at a clinic in Nashville, TN

  • 5 Successful Event in 2017
  • Identified New Campus Location in GA  
  • NSWT Basketball Team Formed
  • 12 Scholarships Available for 2018
  • Prosthetic program up and running 
  • Partnered with top companies in US in 2017


our story


Throughout the year we host events for Amputees  and people with Autism. 2017 Titanium Cup Pics

UABA Team MEmbers

Life Changing People like Ashley make a difference on a daily basis!!

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Atlanta dream event

Jamel and Jasmine pose for a team pic!! Great event and great pic at Philips Arena!!!

Reality TV What's the new trend for challenged living? Cabins. Yes, cabins!

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