Players and Places

Campus and Community

UABA player Danny Sanchez has the ball & about to cross someone up in Miami!! Danny has traveled and competed in several UABA Titanium Cups!!

​ The New School of World Technology (N.S.W.T.) has worked on building and promoting an environment that will help prepare student-athletes for college life. The N.S.W.T. staff, coaches, parents, and student dorm council have formed a community awareness program for people less fortunate. Our 2017-2018 N.S.W.T. basketball team will travel around the country and in our local communities as Ambassadors for Amputee Awareness, Autism Awareness, and for promoting rehab and awareness for people with spinal injuries.

Perks and Programs

The UABA supports the Shepherd Spinal Center members as we have several friends on the wheelchair basketball team!!  N.S.W.T will dedicate 1 of our full courts for wheelchair basketball players and amputee athletes to play and compete. We are looking to grow the wheelchair basketball league along with the amputee 3 on 3 league on our campus!  We are looking forward to opening our new campus and working in the community!

 N.S.W.T.'s after school programs also include: video game design, programming, coding, robotics, music production, track composition, chess, and few mini courses which compliment other subjects and careers. Incorporating personal image control for social media, personal marketing, business classes, and a host of other community programs such as public speaking during special events.  Our team will work in the community and do positive things to promote growth and awareness for challenged athletes and obesity awareness. The Program is designed build life changing relationships which will impact these young men and lay their foundation for a lifetime. We believe that ;"In life, it's not  just what you know but also who you know and have associations with that matters". Our environment will create opportunities and preparation guidance for college entrance when they graduate from our program.

​ Building a top of the line campus with professional sporting arenas, a student-life center, a hotel near campus, retail and other restaurants will create an enjoyable environment for our students, parents, and staff access to a variety of activities on and near campus.  Our student-athletes have access to practice facilities, personal trainers, nutritionist, weight room, rehabilitation from our top sports medical partner, special events, and other new technologies for sports. Our players will spend time refereeing wheelchair, amputee, and youth league basketball games as we support adaptive sports!  There will also be certification programs available.