* Restaurant and Retail

* Basketball Practice Facility

* 4250 Seat Arena (2018)

* Student-athletes have a campus health center and access to several hospitals and clinics nearby(2018)

* Our staff nurses are available to provide compassionate care for our student-athletes

*On site rehabilitation center for core conditioning (2018)

* Our staff can provide medical attention for any health concern that may arise.
* NSWT can also distribute prescription medication at pre-designated times with our campus pharmacy

* Student-athletes can also schedule appointments with outside medical providers

* Transportation to off-campus medical appointments is provided if needed.
* Personal Training and Nutritionist

*Residence life coaches oversee our student athletes in the living quarters and manage their daily activities. 
*Two Residence Daily Coaches (RDC) oversee and promote a safe atmosphere for our students.

This presence of *2 RDC's, coaches, educators, security, local law enforcement, and adult supporters helps diversify our campus. 


*Helping the community understand our goal to help those in need with a facility that promotes healthy living