The United Amputee Autistic Basketball Association

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The Young Stars of America 501c3 (YSOA) partnered with the United Amputee Autistic Basketball Association,  LLC (UABA), and the Atlanta Hawks to host a community event to announce a new technology and to promote a new community program for people with spinal injuries and back issues.   The inventor of a new technology has partnered with the UABA and YSOA to provide a matching finds program to help pay for uninsured Amputees, people with Autism, and people with spinal injuries. This program was created to offer a new effective form of rehabilitation that takes less time and is cost effective.

 The Shepherd Center previously conducted a 10 week research trial program prior to the delivery of their rehab machine. The research was performed with patients who have shown little to no improvement over the last 10 plus years. The results produced some of the highest improvement percentages ever made at Shepherd Center using a low risk medical device. The Shepherd Center started with their 1st machine in November 2016 and now the demand is growing for their clients and patients who have shown interest.

The YSOA and the UABA have developed a matching funds program through our nonprofit to help generate money for client rehab, obtaining new machines, paying for people without insurance, helping  people without a rehab program included in their insurance plan, and to help people who don’t have either.  With the number of spinal injury patients growing on a daily basis, we have reached out to community partners and businesses to help us meet this goal and to create a community presence for companies s who support great causes like this one.  The 2017 goal for YSOA is to raise$1,000,000 to purchase  more machines to get started and to assist with rehabilitation cost for uninsured.  To donate to this cause click on the donate button today. Thanks for helping us make a difference on a daily basis.

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