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FRONTYARD ​​is a passionate musician/humanitarian who has dedicated his life to helping people in need. He makes fun and creative music in his spare time and after dealing with depression and his obesity problem for many years, Frontyard has put together a classic album for all ages to enjoy. This album is special because the proceeds will help to build a Para Olympic Training Facility for the less fortunate.

We have launched a national campaign with the UABA and the New School of World Technology to announce the "A.S.I.A.M. release along with the "Free Hands Promotion."  This is a program where NSWT students will create free 3D printed prosthetic hands, arms, and customized limb covers to people without insurance, children, and anyone else in need.

The affiliate sales and marketing program

This program allows fans to receive revenue shares through their Pay Pal account for sharing the A.S.I.A.M music link on their social media and other websites.  When someone purchases the A.S.I.A.M. album you will receive 10% of each total sale and their is no cost to join. We will use the remaining funds to build the UABA and NSWT campus in Kennesaw GA, Help deliver food and other needs to Hurricane Henry survivors, and the other Campus programs. These programs include a community rehab center for the community, Autism communication research, and other UABA and NSWT programs.  This is a great fundraiser and it pays to lend a helping hand, so please share this page and sign up to join the "A.S.I.A.M Movement Today!!!! 

The album is pronounced "As-I-Am" and it represents the Amputee, Autistic, Spinal Injury and Obesity Awareness Movement. Check out this album and share this music with your friends and family as we look to build a training center in a city near you!!  

Thanks for the support and help spread the word about A.S.I.A.M.


FRONTYARD the Musician